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{Rajasthan GK- 2020 + Static GK with 500 MCQs}

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Rajasthan GK- 2020 + Static GK with 500 MCQs Index:

Chapter 1: Salient features of agriculture with special reference to Rajasthan. Soil Fertility and Management of Problematic Soils in Rajasthan. Introduction to Dry land Farming and Agro-forestry. Introductory knowledge about Production Techniques of important field crops (Wheat, Mustard, Groundnut, Pulses, Bajra, Maize). Horticultural crops (Citrus, Mango, Guava, Ber, Onion, Tomato, Cucurbits, Chilli, Rose etc.) Spices and Medicinal crops (Cumin, Fenugreek, Fennel, Coriander, Isabgol, Aloevera, etc.) Important diseases and Pests of major Crops and their Management. Importance of agriculture marketing. General awareness about Seed science and Crop Physiology.

Chapter 2: Importance of Livestock in Economy of Rajasthan. Fundamentals of Livestock and Poultry Production. Artificial insemination and Pregnant animal management. Laboratory diagnostics, Important diseases of livestock and their management. Present status of Milk and Milk products. Milk production and quality of milk. Milk processing and packaging. Dairy equipments and utilities. Introduction to livestock products.

Chapter 3: Economy of Rajasthan : Major Minerals-Metallic & Non- Metallic; Power Resources- Renewable and Non Renewable; Major agro based industries-Textile, Sugar, Paper & Vegetable oil; Poverty and Unemployment; Agro food parks.

Chapter 4: Pre & Early history of Rajasthan. Age of Rajput: Major dynasties of Rajasthan and the achievements of prominent rulers. Emergence of Modern Rajasthan: factors of Socio-Political awakening of 19th century; Peasants and tribal movements of 20th century; Political struggle of 20th century and the integration of Rajasthan.

Chapter 5: Visual Art of Rajasthan - Architecture of forts and temples of Rajasthan; Sculpture traditions of Rajasthan and various schools of painting of Rajasthan. Performing Art of Rajasthan - Folk music and musical instruments of Rajasthan; folk dance and folk drama of Rajasthan.

Chapter 6: Various religious cults, saints and folk deities of Rajasthan. Various dialects and its distribution in Rajasthan; literature of Rajasthani language.

Chapter 7: Geography of Rajasthan: Broad physical features- Mountains, Plateaus, Plains & Desert; Major rivers and lakes; Climate and Agro-climatic regions; Major soil types and distribution; Major forest types and distribution; Demographic characteristics; Desertification, Droughts & Floods, Deforestation, Environmental Pollution and Ecological Concerns.

Chapter 8: Important Persons, Places and Current events of the State.

Chapter 9: 500 MCQs

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